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Why “No” to Automatic Timetable Generator ?

Timetable making is truly an art and a skilful work. Timetabling is actually a job of co-ordinating the four elements, namely Students, Teachers, Rooms and the Periods. The co-ordination needs to be done while keeping in mind the academic plan and methodology of imparting education in a best possible manner. The timetabling job calls for a person with above average IQ level. The time table is always prepared with pre-defined conditions and demands application of mind all the time. Mind it, there is no set rule for making a good timetable. A good timetable planner amends timetable as per need demanded by teacher’s feedback, though should not be done frequently.

The timetabling job calls for analysis of many factors such as

  • Ability of Students in a class & subject
  • Ability of Teachers assigned to the class
  • The academic Schedule
  • Education guidelines

Time table making is a simple task if the subjects and periods are fixed for every class. A spreadsheet can be used to design a timetable while a computer may be required. The timetabling becomes complex where students are given choice to choose subjects of their choice for example Medical or Non-Medical Science, choice of elective or optional subjects. This may call for combining of classes or sections. All these are situations relating to human beings and are definitely not mechanical or repetitive.

The manual timetabling in complex situations, like above, becomes challenging and there is every possibility of committing error. There are many possibilities of committing errors, when designing a timetable manually and the most common being the one where a teacher is allocated same period in two classes or called clashing of periods. These possibilities of committing error calls for software for timetabling so that computers could be used to take care of errors while academic planning remains with human beings.

A Man is innovative while a machine or software can never be so. Automatic timetabling software is designed to take care of certain pre-defined situations which are mechanical in nature and matter of routine. Human factors are always compromised and can never be defined, because the need and plan keeps changing and innovating itself while the software remains limited to the extent for which it has been designed.

The best software for timetabling is one that assists in making timetable and does not allow the planner to make any mistakes. The software keeps track of all the teachers, no. of periods, classes, sections, rooms, labs and all other aspects besides scheduling. The planner’s job is reduced to just allocating time slots and picking suitable teachers as per the curriculum and demand of the circumstances while eliminating possibility of committing any errors.

MYT (makeyourtimetable.com) is just that and provides for absolutely cosy environment to design a timetable without bothering for any possibility of errors. Your timetable is always error free and always within your control. Automatic timetable software will never give satisfaction to a true academician. They are not only unsuitable but very cumbersome and compromising on many important aspects.