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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is “MakeYourTimetable.com” ?

    MakeYourTimetable.com is an on-line Time Tabling Software for Educational Institutions.  It is a most useful tool for any University, College, School or Coaching Center.

  • What all can I do with this?

    You can design academic curriculum or time table for teachers and classes. You can even plan labs and rooms different classes

  • How do I use the software?

    You just need to register your Institution by filling up the form. Once the formal registration procedure is completed you are directed to the suitable page to select your package and start using the software.

  • Is there any Free Trial Package available?

    This software is Free to use. You just need to register and confirm and then you enjoy the software.

  • How many times can I use the Free Trial Package?

    This is a free software for all.

  • How can teachers access time table?

    Each Institution is provided with Admin Panel to allocate separate passwords to Teachers logging in to check time table.

  • Does it generate Teacher’s Time Table?

    Yes , it provides individual time table of all teachers and classes.

  • Is there need to check for errors in the time table?

    No, the time table once created with our time tabler is going to be error free.

  • Is there provision to combine sections or classes for common studies?

    Yes, you can combine sections and classes for the purpose of doing or learning the same thing during a period.

  • Can I have my own personal software?

    Yes, you can have your own personal software also. You may contact us for the same.