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  • The software was designed by a caring husband who was disturbed by the strain undertaken by his teacher wife. She had to undergo the stress time and again whenever she had the task of either making a new timetable or re-work an existing one.
  • He took this onus on himself to design the software which was first taken up in the year 2007. The algorithm was based on first hand information acquired from various Timetable Planners to understand tricky issues and methodology adopted by them.
  • The timetable software was first developed as desktop application and used by number of institutions. Then there were problems encountered by the users like software getting Corrupted due to virus, hardware going bad, maintaining backup timetable, upgrades etc etc.
  • To take care of these issues software was web based for ease of access by users and thus “makeyouttimetable.com”
  • MYT is a virtual cloud Software designed for use by Timetable planners of Educational institutions.
  • The software takes care of most issues concerning making of an academic timetable. The software ensures that the time table is always error free and never gives any user a chance to complain. It provides a convenient environment and eliminates need for making notes while making timetable.
  • You just require list of Teachers, Classes & respective subjects to make your error free timetable.

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